MK Nature Design has a new 2016 Price List to reflect the fact that she is now approaching galleries to show her art.

New prices are $75 for an unframed print, $125 for a framed print, $300 for a framed original, and $200 for an unframed original.  In addition she sells a long Barn Owl scarf for $42, a long Snow Leopard scarf for $50.00, a Yellow Lily silk scarf for $39, a throw pillow for $40 and cards for $4 or ten for $35.  All items except for prints and original drawings include shipping.

The new pricing is because I will be approaching galleries in Toronto to show my work and I have to be competitive.  Also I have invested into my talent by taking an art course at a prestigious art school in the US and that should be reflected in my pricing.

Painting and drawing soothes my soul.  It gives me peace.  Nature has always recharged my batteries and continues to do so now.  I paint pieces because I love the image of the animal, bird or sometimes the landscape and it gives me a special sense of peace.  I am also in awe of the magnificence of a bird or an animal and try to capture that magnificence on paper.  In painting and drawing I try to share that sense of peace from nature and awe for nature with you.