Nursing Mother 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Nursing Mother watercolor painting.  This painting was inspired by my daughter who is a new mother.  It was painted at a time of relative calm although I was stressing subconsciously.  It was a challenge to paint and therefore not as soothing.  Enjoy!

This is my first portrait in watercolor!  The paleness of the skin contrasted to the blue of the blanket and pillow draws the viewers eye immediately.  The facial features makes me think of a Spanish woman.  Although that wasn’t the intent.  The orange background contrasts well with the blue.  The eyes are not as striking as one would imagine.  This is a very intimate painting.

My anxiety is more subconscious now.  At times I get anxious and I don’t know why.  I try to stay calm and analyse myself and my surroundings to try and figure out what’s causing anxiety.  My psychiatrist didn’t see the need to talk about it.  Is this a Canadian thing?  What are psychiatrists like in the USA?  It seems that any talk of what is bothering me is left for my counselor.  She was busy but will be calling me next week.  Slowly I heal.

The skin tones of the painting were a challenge as well as the proportions of the body.  I chose orange since it’s a complimentary color of blue.  I think that they contrast well.  The hair also contrasts well with the orange background.  It is my first portrait in watercolor!  I think that I did rather well!  I like the painting.  It was done with the help of just a sketch.

This painting was inspired by my daughter who is a new mother.  Yes!  I am a grandmother and what a miracle that is.  My grandson’s name is Erik.

This watercolor painting is available on my website under Shop and Portfolio.  Scroll down to the Shop Now button and look for Watercolor Painting.  You can purchase it framed or unframed.