poinsettia 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Poinsettia watercolor painting.  She was avoiding painting but forced herself to paint knowing that it soothed her.  Slowly she heals.

The vibrant red of the poinsettia immediately draw the eye to the flower.  What a festive color!  The darker blue of the background contrasts nicely with the red and adds depth.  The green and brown of branches also add depth.  As do the different shades of deep red.

I painted this when I didn’t want to paint.  Reading had taken over my life completely.  But I find that reading tires me and then my illness is worse.  So now I will force myself to paint.  Watercolor does not come naturally to me although I was tempted by it.  I may try some more next.  I enjoy watercolor and the effect.  However it is a challenge.

This is a simple 8×8″ painting.  It was quickly done.  I will be using this image to print Christmas cards.  I am contemplating painting individual cards in the future rather than printing images of my paintings.  It’s just an idea.  Enjoy!