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This is part of my healing journey.  I am making progress.  Slowly I heal.

I spoke with my counselor today and she helped me to deal with the 40 negative beliefs that I have.  Each one has at least one maybe two positive affirmations.  She told me to write them down on colored paper and place them into a bowl.  Then every day when I see the bowl I am to pick one.  That way I’ll get through all of them.  In addition any new affirmations (ie. a new skill or trait) should be written on a different colored paper.

My positive affirmations were too general.  For example:  you have achieved much in life.  It should be broken down into specific skill sets like you are a leader, you can do research, you are a writer.  So now I have to go over the 40+ affirmations and made them more specific.  I have work to do.

Now I speak of the coming holidays.  People with a mental illness find the holidays stressful.  There is more to do, more social interactions and just more stress.  Remember to be mindful and take a moment when you are stressed to concentrate on your breathing and nothing else.  Take a moment to be calm.  Some too begin to worry about other things like money or travel.  And they may even obsess about it.  Take a moment to concentrate on only your breath and the stress will pass.  Think of a positive counter statement like that’s never happened before or you are safe.  Things like that.  The positive counter statement will counteract your negative thought and you will have a happier day.

The photo is where I usually walk almost every day.  When it’s warm I take time to sit and do mindfulness while in nature.  Lately thought it’s been too cold.  Walking helps my anxiety and my health.  I walk even though I have knee problems.  I have been shoveling snow as well.  This has affected my knees slightly.  But it is great exercise!  And exercise is important.

I’m wishing for you all a calm during the Christmas rush.  You will survive.  Remember mindfulness.  Slowly we heal!