red panda WPress 500xpixels

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Red Panda pastel painting.  It is a 12×18″ pastel painting.  It was started on a day of relative calm.  The next day was calmer still.  The painting is not for sale since it’s a gift for my daughter.  But I will paint another one soon to add to my portfolio.  My daughter loves red pandas.  They are so adorable and cute.

In this painting the reddish brown and white of the red panda contrast beautifully with the black background.  The paws are in the foreground and the white nails define where they are.  The middle ground is the red panda itself.  It is so cute and cuddly.

The day I penciled in the form was a day of relative calm.  I was tired from the previous day of extreme anxiety.  It was a relief to draw.  The second day was calmer still and I enjoyed doing most of the body of the red panda.  I lost myself in the painting.  The third day I finished off the painting with more stress.  Painting soothed my soul.

I took special care with each pencil stroke because this painting is for my daughter and I didn’t want to ruin it on the black background.  I penciled in the form with white and then colored it.  I used my Derwent pastel pencils and a 98 lb Canson paper.

The red panda is also known as the lesser panda or red bear cat.  It is found in the Himalayas and south western China.  It has reddish brown fur, a shaggy long tail and a waddling gait.  It is a bit larger than a domestic cat.  Its diet is bamboo, eggs, insects and birds.  It is active from dusk until dawn making it nocturnal.  The red panda is on an endangered species list because there is less than 10,000 of them known to exist.  They were discovered just recently.  It is in the same family as weasels and skunks and is not related to the larger panda.  More about the red panda can be found at this link.  Watch them playing in the snow in this video.

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