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I would like to remind you that many are alone today.  The elderly, friends, people with depression…  Remember them!  Reach out to them!

A holiday like today can be a very lonely thing for those who are alone.  It can be very depressing.  Sometimes too depressing!  Take the time to reach out to people that you know are alone.  Today is a day for couples but take that extra effort and make just one extra call to someone you know is alone.  The elderly feel very alone on Valentine’s Day especially if their family is out of town and/or they have lost their partner as many have.  Many people who are alone and depressed find today especially difficult because it makes them think of how really alone they are.  Sometimes people can spiral to even darker depths.  If you know of someone on the brink of black thoughts, reach out to them, especially today.

I say “I love you” to all of my readers.  I love the way you make me feel.  Wanted and read!  I love that you are all out there for me, ready to make a comment if it’s important!  I love the courage you give me as I put “pen to paper” and write these posts hoping to encourage all of you.  I love you!

Take the moment.  Make the call.  Invite them for coffee maybe.  Or just call.  It will make their day.  And you’ll feel better for doing it!

Photo by Ali Yahya on Unsplash