Here are some resources that I know about:

Canadian Mental Health Association has been very helpful to me on a personal level.  Both mental health counselling and alcohol addiction counselling.  Find them at this website.

One counselling organization for victims of rape is Athena in Barrie, Ontario.  A crisis line listed on their website is 1-800-461-1750 and their line for appointments is 705-526-3221.

Anxiety BC is a Canadian website that speaks about anxiety disorders and how you can get help.  I found it to be a very informative website.  Follow the link here.

Another website for anxiety is Mind.  It has general information on anxiety and how friends and family can help.

UCLA guided meditation recordings can be found at this link.  I found them to be helpful for mindfulness meditation.  Google mindfulness stress reduction and you will find one in your area.  They were greatly helpful to me.

An addiction center in Ontario is the Ontario Addiction Treatment Centers.  You may be able to find one in your area.   I have never used this facility.  It’s up to you!

A non profit organization in the USA that provides a service to people with addictions regardless of financial status is  It is an interesting website.

Another alcohol addiction site is Alcohol Rehab Guide.  Again I haven’t used this site as it is american but it’s website is interesting.  It’s up to you!

This website is for co-occurring addictions such as substance abuse when suffering from an anxiety disorder.  I have never been to one of their facilities because they are situated in the USA.  However their website is interesting and may provide some with important information.  Substance abuse with anxiety disorders is common.  If you are one with this condition please seek help right away!  Your medication doesn’t work well with substance abuse.

Another addiction counselling center in the US is addictioncenter.  I have never used this site however.  It’s up to you!