I am resting.  We still have lunch with my cousins to do.  I’ve been stressing to get them a gift that represents Canada so I’ve been busy.  But I haven’t been walking, knowing that I shouldn’t do too much.  So I had to go shopping the past few days to get just the right gift.  Light but something that says Canada.  So I bought them each some maple syrup in a plastic bottle instead of glass.  Glass might break my Mom said.  I am also giving one of them a small 4×4″ watercolor painting I did.  Hopefully they’ll like the gifts.  They brought us Finnish coffee and Finnish chocolate as well as licorice candy which I love.  They can’t fit much in their suitcases so we always buy small gifts.

I sketched this mother and child just before they came.  Again, my inspiration is my grandson Erik.  Such a joy!  The visitors loved him too.  He was such a good baby and slept for most of the first visit.  One of my second cousins held him as he slept.

I am reading a new book called The Body Keeps The Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D.  It is a scientific explanation of depression and other mental illnesses.  Apparently I am producing too many stress hormones.  My system is all out of whack.  When I realized this, I felt a rush of fear just watching a tense part in a television show.  I had to do mindfulness for about half an hour to calm down.  So it is true!  I am producing too many stress hormones.  Hopefully this book will help me to calm that down.

I have learned not to get too tired.  So I’ve stopped walking this week.  Trying to rest.  Tomorrow I have to buy a fruit platter for the coffee date at my daughter’s place.  Along with Tim Horton’s coffee.  Finnish people love their coffee strong.

Hopefully your week is going well.  Remember if you know that you’re going to be stressed, make sure that you get extra rest.  You don’t want to overdo it.  Never stop fighting…:)