rowboat and mountains in blue

Miriam K’s Art is pleased to release her Rowboat and Mountains in Blue pastel painting.  It is significant in her life because it is a time of great change and the painting represents all that is soothing and refreshing to Miriam.  The water has often recharged her tattered soul and lifted her spirits as have mountains.

The mood of the painting is melancholic because it is blue.  It means sadness and Miriam is sad that her illness is keeping her from leading a normal life.  She is tending towards painting in blue.  But in this painting she overcomes the sadness by painting water and mountains, both of which have uplifted her spirit and soothed her soul.  She has spent a lot of time beside water in the past.  Camping or at a cottage.  The lapping of the water soothes and heals the soul.  Hiking in mountains while being demanding physically also soothes the soul.  Being high up in mountains and looking down at valleys below lifts the spirit and soothes the tattered soul.

The painting is of the night.  You can see dark blue water in the foreground and dark blue mountains in the background.  You can see the water reflecting moonlight and rowboats in the middle ground.  The rowboats are mainly blue because it is night.  There is some fog around the mountains.  There is a mystery to the night.  Different values of blue add to the mystery and melancholy.  The blue is intense or saturated.

The water and mountains represent a cleansing of the soul and an uplifting of the spirit for Miriam.  Can you sense the mood too?  What do mountains and water mean to you?

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