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Art By Miriam is pleased to release her Seagulls watercolor sketch.  It calmed and soothed to be able to paint.  She tried a new technique so it was very interesting.

The blue waves in the foreground present the canvas for the crests of the waves which lead the eyes to the birds in the painting.  White and black seagulls circle over the white crests of greenish blue waves and blue waves in a blue sea.  The darker blue of the wave horizon contrasts with the white crests of the waves.  There is movement in the whole painting.

I deal with anxiety on a daily basis.  Memories from the past came to haunt me with a new twist.  Fears of the past engulfed me but there is hope because I am facing these fears now.  My mind has invented someone that helps me face the fears and protects me from them.  The painting is helping me to be calm as I face these fears.

I played with watercolor washes on a smaller and more controlled scale.  Then I wish I had a sponge to paint the waves but used a special brush instead.  The new technique is to drop droplets of water onto the white to seem like waves.  I threw my sponge out when I was cleaning…my dogs had gotten to it!  I’ll have to buy a new one.  I used Frisket to blank out the birds and the crests of the waves as you can see below.


The top and bottom show the beige of the Frisket.  When removed it becomes white and then you fill it in with the paint you want.


The final painting shows the wave crests colored in more and more detail on the birds.

I enjoyed the challenge of this painting.  It’s the second time I have attempted waves.  This painting is just a sketch and therefore is at a lower price.  Please see the 2017 Price List.

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