MK Nature Design has an update on Sergey Kechimov, the guardian of Lake Imlor in Siberia.  He is still facing charges and may be imprisoned.  Please sign the petition.

Sergey Kechimov has been wrongfully arrested due to his protection of Lake Imlor from a large oil company in Russia.  Lake Imlor is an area known to be of the Khanty People in Russia.  Oil company activity has resulted in polluting of the lake due to leaking oil.  Sergey Kechimov is a guardian of the lake and wishes to protect the lake from oil spills.  The oil companies dogs killed one of Sergey’s rheindeer and Sergey shot it.  Police came to Sergey afterward and wanted him to sign a document.  Not knowing what he was signing, Sergey signed.  The document supposedly says that Sergey attacked and threatened the oil company workers.  Sergey may go to jail for two years.  Without Sergey, there will be no one to protect Lake Imlor as many of the Khanty people have moved away due to the oil company activity.  Then the oil company can do as it pleases.   Please protect Sergey and sign the petition that can be found here!  You have to scroll down and leave a comment, the comment will then be sent to the prosecutor and your name added to the petition.

Here is a video about Sergey Kechimov by Al-Jazeera on Youtube with Rory Chalands commenting.

Please sign the petition!  It is only with international awareness that Sergey Kechimov will get justice and the oil company stopped from polluting a sacred lake!

I blogged about Sergey Kechimov three months ago (Apr 23 2016) and have cut and pasted the blog below:

MK Nature Design has found someone new to be concerned about!  Sergey Kechimov is the keeper of Lake Imlor in Siberia, Russia.  The responsibility of taking care of the lake has been passed down from generation to generation to him.  There used to be a sacred area by the lake for the Khanty people.  Now the other Indigenous people have left and oil wells and pipes litter the area.  All that is left to protect the lake is Sergey.  The oil company’s dogs attacked Sergey’s deer and Sergey, so Sergey had to shoot them.  Russian police came to get Sergey to sign a paper…he cannot read well and did not know what he was signing.  Now he may face two years in Russian prison for attacking oil rig workers.  He did not do this.  It is the oil companies attempt to get rid of the last Indigenous person on the lake.  All others have left but Sergey felt a responsibility to the lake and the sacred place.

Oil companies are dealing in dirty back handed tricks to get rid of someone who cares about a lake … all for profit.  Does this sound familiar?  It is only through public awareness and international regard that Sergey will get help.

You can read more here at Greenpeace.  Please sign any petitions they may set up to help Sergey.  I know it’s just one lake but the arctic and the taiga (part of the forest in the subarctic) are very fragile and worth saving.  The oil company will pollute the lake which was once held sacred by a people!  Sign the petitions!  Let your voice be heard!  Stand up!

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