MK Nature Design is concerned for the safety of Sergey, a man of the Siberian taiga, who is the last defense of Lake Imlor against a big oil company.  I believe that he may die in prison and needs our international gaze to help him.  Please sign the petition now!

I wrote about Sergey Kechimov a couple of weeks ago.  Please go to the blogs on the right of the home page to see the post.  He has been charged for shooting the oil companies dogs and his case is going before a judge for sentencing.  We have to send a petition to the magistrate overlooking his case and ask that he investigate the case closely.  Sergey apparently shot the oil companies dogs.  However, it is claimed that he also threatened some of the oil companies workers.  Which apparently is not the case.  Russian police came to Sergey and had him sign a document.  Sergey is illiterate in Russian.  In addition he was interrogated with no interpreter and no lawyer.  Therefore it is imperative that we as people concerned for his safety request that the facts of the case be reviewed and that the law be upheld.  The oil company has a lot more money than Sergey.  In addition, once Sergey is gone, the oil company will control Lake Imlor because all other Khanty Indigenous people have left the lake to live at the village.  The lake is a sacred place for the Khanty people.  The owner of the oil company has suggested merely choosing a couple of ceremonial spots for the Khanty people on the lake.  This is not enough.  The lake and the sacred places should be protected.  Sergey is the keeper of Lake Imlor as allowed by his tribe.  Please protect Sergey now and demand that he receive a fair trial!  Please sign here!

For more information please read this article!