MK Nature Design has an issue to discuss.  I am angry.  Can you believe it?  Fishing sharks and leaving the carcass to die and harvesting just the fins.  This is for shark fin soup especially in China and it’s territories.  Some fishing boats even harvest the fins at sea to be able to throw the carcass overboard and harvest more fins in their ships.  The shark fins are also used for traditional uses.

Shark fins can retail for up to $650/kg US whereas some fins go for $50,000.00 US.  This is ridiculous!

Shark fin soup is served at weddings and banquets and as a specialty item in China.  Demand for the soup has risen as the Chinese become more rich.  The fin merely provides texture and no real taste!  It is considered an honor to serve shark fin soup at a wedding or banquet.  You could use Dun Tang, a steamed clay pot broth, instead or forget the texture and just use the chicken and ham that gives the soup the taste anyway!

Scientists say that there are 25 species of shark that may go extinct in our lifetime.  The rest of the shark is inedible or undesirable.  Usually the fin is cut off and the rest of the live body discarded.  This body can no longer swim, sinks and suffocates or is eaten alive by predators.  It is not worth the trouble to bring the fish ashore and kill it in a humane way.  All for a bowl of soup.

Here is an article about the horrors of fishing for shark fins.  Careful, the photos are explicit!

You can find more information at Shark Truth.

Ban shark fishing NOW!  Get involved.  Sign petitions.  Donate to Shark Truth.

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