snow leopard4 WPress 500 pi

Miriam’s Art is pleased to release her Snow Leopard 4 pastel painting.  She painted at a time of extreme anxiety and lost all of the anxiety as she immersed herself in her art.

This pastel painting portrays the majestic snow leopard.  It’s yellow green eyes glint with intelligence as it looks at you.  They are contrasted beautifully by it’s white and grey fur with tinges of blue.  The red tongue attracts the eye as does the nose.  Can you see the snow leopard snarl?

The demons from my past haunted me especially on the day that I was painting this.  The intricate black dots surrounded by white and grey fur changed my ideas and I concentrated loosing all thought but that of the painting.

Technically this painting took time because of the painstaking black dots but once they were painted in, the surrounding came along quickly.  First it was the eyes and then the snout.  This snow leopard looks a bit too skinny but I rather like the painting.

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