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Art By Miriam takes the time to talk about Snow Leopard Trust.  It is an organization that protects the endangered snow leopard through research and community based programs.  It is their belief that if they educate herders about the snow leopards needs and behaviors then they can protect the snow leopard from hunters and from interaction with camels or other farm animals.

Snow Leopard Trust is active in five key snow leopard range countries in Central Asia:  China, Kyrgyzstan, India, Mongolia and Pakistan.  The organization empowers people who live in areas where snow leopards live to help protect their local wildlife and the environment they live in.  Herders live in the same environment as the snow leopard and make less than $2 per day.  Sometimes the herders kill the snow leopard to protect their herds but also to poach the animal.  Through education and outreach of conservation programs this poor cycle can be broken and the people taught not to harm the snow leopard.  Snow Leopard Trust has organized a site where people can purchase items from herders to make an alternate source of revenue for them.  The Gift Shop contains camel wool items such as finger-less gloves and shawls.  You can check out this store at this link.   They also sell little mice for pets and felted toys and balls.  In addition you can buy Snow Leopard Trust t-shirts and mugs.  You can even adopt a snow leopard on this page.   The money for the items made by the herders families goes back to the families.  The money for the t-shirts, mugs, and adoptions goes into research and community programs.  If the herder better understands the snow leopard and it’s ways, then they can live in harmony.

The website for Snow Leopard Trust is

I just adopted a snow leopard for $25.00 US and get a certificate and picture of the snow leopard via email.  My adoption money will go towards research and community programs.  Here’s a picture of the certificate.

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I have attached my pastel painting of a snow leopard.  The reason I painted this stunning portrayal of such a magnificent animal is because I am concerned about their endangered status.  The painting is available for purchase if you are interested.  Just email me at  Please see the 2017 Price List for information.  It is an orginal pastel painting approx. 23×32″ framed.

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