MK Nature Design has become aware that a solar plane has completed a flight around the world!  It was called the Solar Impulse, used no fuel and was manned by two men!

It is reported that it did the trip in 17 parts and spent a total of 23 days in the air (Ecowatch, July 26, 2016).  The trip started in March 2016 and ended early Tuesday.  The plane was powered by 17,000 solar cells.  It traveled 42,000 km (26,100 miles).  Part of the journey went from New York City to Seville, Spain in 90 hours with a speed of 140 km/h (about 87 mph).  The longest trip was from Japan to Hawaii (five days).

Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg alternated as pilots.  On the ground they were helped by 25 technicians, 30 engineers and 22 navigation controllers (Ecowatch, July 26, 2016).

Piccard was quoted as saying (Ecowatch, July 26, 2016):

“If governments had the courage to promote clean technologies on a massive scale, our society could simultaneously reduce its dependence on fossil fuels, create jobs and stimulate sustainable growth.”

I agree with this statement 100%.  If renewable energy were affordable, we could have made the switch already!

It took 13 years to realize this dream.  The group is establishing the International Committee of Clean Technology promoting “concrete energy efficient solutions” (Piccard, Ecowatch, July 26, 2016).  Four hundred organizations have already joined this committee. Borschberg has predicted that solar drones will soon be a reality.  He also spoke of unmanned solar planes.

For more information and pictures go to the article here!

Sorry I posted so late, I lost tract of the time working on my art business!  Lol!

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