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Here’s a list of some of my positive affirmations.  Maybe they can help you set some for yourself!  Slowly I heal.

It was recommended that I put my positive affirmations into a container.  All the same color.  Then new affirmations I will add with a different colored paper.  Daily I will pick a positive affirmation and read it.  i am to leave the container out somewhere prominent where I will see it easily.

Some of my positive affirmations are:

  1. I am safe.
  2. I am slowly healing.
  3. I am doing the best that I can.
  4. It’s alright to fail sometimes.  You’re only human.
  5. It’s alright to be angry with some people.
  6. You’re not perfect.  You’re only human.
  7. You are a beautiful survivor.
  8. You are good.
  9. You are strong and courageous.
  10. Believe in yourself.
  11. I will survive.
  12. Your mother loves you.
  13. You deserve to be happy.
  14. I will heal.
  15. Believe in yourself.
  16. I am a strong single survivor.
  17. Let negative criticism flow off your back.
  18. Please yourself first.
  19. It’s not important what others think.  How do they make you feel?
  20. Have the proper work/life balance.
  21. Some things you’re just not good at.  It’s OK.
  22. Reach out to trusted people.
  23. Sometimes someone else can be in control.
  24. It’s alright to be tired.
  25. You are a smart survivor.
  26. You have changed and come a long way.
  27. Your family has forgiven you.

I have survived.  Being courageous and strong.  I am a survivor.  I will heal.  What about you?  I know you are strong.  Courage young Padmeon Courage!