I am pleased to release my new unique nature design of the Spirit Bear, a black bear that is white.  Here you see one with it’s cub.  This is a pastel drawing on paper.

The Tsimshian Native American Tribe is Northwest Coast Native American that has legends about the seasons.  It is believed that the creator made the spirit bear to remind us of the last ice age, and that they would live in peace and harmony forever.  In the new Great Bear Rainforest the spirit bear roams free and since it is in a protected area does not fear man.  It is a joy to watch and photograph.  Congratulations to all the people involved in the 20 year fight to make the Great Bear Rainforest a protected area.

Please see below for the in progress drawing.

You can purchase the orginal drawing of this Spirit Bear for $50.00, a 16×20″ print for $28.80, a hoodie for $53.00 or a throw pillow for $36.00.  It is also possible to purchase a t-shirt for men’s, ladies, or children.  All prices are in Cdn dollars and payment is via credit card or paypal.  It usually takes 14 days to deliver, except for the print or the orginal drawing is only 7 days in Canada.  A full price list is found under January 2016 under 2016 Price List.

bear spirit

spirit bear ip collage