Miriam K’s Art is sad to report that The Great Barrier Reef in Australia has been officially declared dead in 2016.  It is a large expanse of coral reef representing many zooplankton and whales and dolphins.

A reef is a symbiotic relationship between a coral (supportive structure) and algae (color and nutrients).   When temperatures in the ocean’s water are too warm the algae are released into the water and the coral looses it’s color and is considered bleached.  It can survive for a little while but without the nutrients of the algae, the coral will die.  The great barrier reef extends 1400 miles long, covering 133,000 square miles.  As I said it supports whales and dolphins.  This is like McDonalds going out of business only there aren’t other restaurants or fast food chains close by.  It is a major event and a major loss to marine life as a food source.  Although coral has been growing in other areas, the fish, whales and dolphins have to now hunt longer to find it.  The great barrier reef supported 1625 species of fish, 3000 mollusks and about 30 different kinds of whales and dolphins.

This loss is due to climatic warming.  Something we could have helped to avoid by reducing our carbon footprint…meaning to stop using our cars as much and to buy food that doesn’t need much transportation to get to you.  It’s CO2 emissions which come from burning gasoline and natural gas that is causing climatic warming.  This is a man made problem.  It is up to us to come to a man made solution to save the planet for our grandchildren.  Buy local and carpool please!

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