MK Nature Design is pleased to announce a new nature design, the Grey Wolf.  It is a pastel drawing on paper.  The drawing shows the majestic wolf.  Self confident and sure of his position as a predator!  I used a photograph of one of the Haliburton Forest Wolf Centre’s wolves as a model.  The wolf centre is found in Ontario, Canada.

The Haliburton Forest was founded in 1996 with 80,000 acres, 50 lakes, and wildlife.  Today there are numerous exhibits, a small cinema, a gift shop and an indoor observatory with one way glass and a mic.  Information can be found here.  The wolves on site are Grey (Timber) Wolves, Canus lupis.  The site opens Victoria Day (May long weekend) until Thanksgiving Weekend open seven days a week starting at 10:00 am until 5:00 pm and last admissions in is at 4:30 pm.  For the rest of the year it is open Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm with last admissions at 4:30 pm.  Fees are:  adult $12.00, children 0 to 6 free, children 7 to 17 $7.00 and families $25.00 plus tax.

Apparently the Haliburton Forest (privately owned) is the best example of sustainable resource development in North America.  The wolf centre has two mating wolves, the alpha pair of Luna and Fang and their young.  They roam free in a 15 acre enclosure.  Two to three other wolf packs roam the forest.  In 2011 there were four pups in the enclosure, in 2012 six other pups and in 2015 three pups.  The wolf centre concentrates on research and education.  The wolves in the enclosure live as wild a life as possible but are fed on a daily basis.

In 1992 work began to move a pack of grey wolves from Michigan, USA to Ontario, Canada.  In Sept 1993 the enclosure was finished and the wolf pack was moved.  In 1995 Trats (a young male) was loaned to Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario.  In 1995 Trats came home with a new female Wen and a neice Niaga.  In 2013 someone cut the fence and let the wolves escape.  Four out of nine wolves escaped.  Two were shot by unknown people and two recaptured.  A new male was later introduced resulting in the pack that is found at Haliburton Wolf Centre today.

It is interesting to note that the grey wolf of the Haliburton Wolf Centre is not the eastern wolf that can be found in Algonquin Park which is close to the wolf centre.  The eastern wolf tends to be smaller and more brown in color.

Please comment below if you like my drawing.  I would appreciate feedback and would like to know what other animal/bird you would like me to draw!  I really need to know what you like since I am just starting out trying to sell my art.  Please comment below!

wolf grey