MK Nature Design is pleased to see people taking action against the Trump administration, the Environmental Protection Agency and Scott Pruitt, administrator of the EPA in USA.

Water temperatures in the Columbia and Snake rivers are too high for salmon spawning due to climate change and dams upriver (Ecowatch, Feb. 25, 2017).  A group of organizations are taking Scott Pruitt to court and requiring that dams be opened up to decrease water temperatures in rivers.  The salmon are dieing because the water temperature is too high.  Pools created due to the dams are heating up due to climate change and higher temperatures are resulting in salmon die off.  The Columbia Riverkeeper, Idaho Rivers United, Snake River Waterkeeper, Institute for Fisheries Resources and the Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations are all taking Scott Pruitt to court.  They are doing this under the Clean Water Act to force the EPA and Scott Pruitt to protect the salmon against climate change and dams.  Restoring the flow of the rivers to a more natural state would decrease the temperatures of the river water.

The Trump administration denies the effects of climate change yet the people are taking them to court to protect salmon.  This is fantastic.  MK Nature Design applauds their initiative!

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