tiger eye wpress

Art By Miriam is pleased to release her Tiger Eye pastel painting.  She was having a relatively calm day when she painted it.

The orange fur of the tiger surround the eye which is the central aspect of the painting.  A sadness seams to lurk in the eye of the tiger.  The white and black striped fur contrasts well in the back ground.  I painted this because of the eye.  I haven’t quite got the expression I wanted.  I was looking for the majestic tiger and in this painting the eye is unsure, doubting.

I painted this on a calm day.  No demons to torment me yet I painted quickly.  I was distracted and know from now on to put all my thought into the eye.  Eyes are intriguing to me.  I have computer issues and this has distracted me too much to be calm and do a good job.

The technical aspect of this painting was the eye.  Usually tiger eyes are yellow but in the photograph it had a greenish tint with brown eyes.  I made the eye more bright with a reddish brown.  The droop of the upper eyelid make it a melancholic eye instead of a majestic eye.  What is the tiger thinking?

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