MK Nature Design is pleased to release her Two Blue Herons Pastel painting.  Painting relaxes her anxiety.  While painting this one she lost herself in the challenge of the green vegetation hanging down.  It was a new look and a challenge.  The two herons were relatively easy to paint.  They are perched in their nest.  She is pleased with this painting.  The painting is 12 x 18″ framed and half the size of her usual work.  Therefore it was quicker to paint.

The great blue heron is a common bird in Canada being found mainly around water.  It is a 45-47″ long bird that is lean and grey.  It can stand up to 4′ tall.  It is a medium to large wading bird with a spear like bill and long neck.  The neck is folded back in flight.  The blue heron lives in marshes, swamps, shores, tidal flats and moist fields.  It’s range is from Canada in the summer to the United States year round and as far as Mexico in the winter.

As usual this painting is available for $125 CAN unframed or $225 CAN framed.  Payment is via credit card or Paypal.  Just email Miriam at  Hopefully I will hear from you.

If you liked this painting please like or comment below.  By knowing what you like, I can choose to paint something that you would appreciate.  Thanks for your input in my art.  Enjoy!