Wave Multimedia 500 pi

I was lucky enough to be able to go to the drop-in group again today.  We made vision boards or inspiration boards.  Interesting and something I’ll look at every day.

A vision board has cut out pictures of your goals in life.  It’s a 12×18″ peice of bristol board with cutouts from magazines.  It represents your goals in life.  One of my goals was to travel.  Another one was to hike again.  The inspiration board holds pictures of inspiration to you and quotes that inspire you.  Why don’t you try making a vision or inspiration board for yourself.  Then hang it on your wall.  You could even frame it.  Look at it every day and keep your goals in mind or be inspired!  This drop-in session was a very positive experience.

I’ve come to the realization that I’m depressed on top of everything else.  Cleaning especially depresses me.  But I am working on doing more.  Before I let myself be spoiled and pampered but now I am actually cleaning more and doing more around the house.  Slowly I heal.  Self-care is another thing that gets let go when you have a depression.  I am showering more often.  If you notice that you are not as clean as you used to be, make an effort!  Take that shower.  Wash your hair!  Then concentrate on the good feeling you get once it’s done!  Slowly you will heal too.  But even this is tiring.  So make sure that you rest your mind during the day.  For me it’s the afternoons that I rest.  Then take one day a week where you do less.  For me that’s Sunday.  I might even start meditating on Sundays or doing yoga.  I’ll see.  Slowly I heal.  Slowly we heal.  As the Bipolar Writer says….never stop fighting!

I have posted my Wave pastel painting with an added touch.  I used a uni-ball Signo broad pen to add white highlights to the wave.  This makes this painting a multi-media painting since I used more than one medium to do it.  It helped in getting a glistening effect on the wave!  Painting has always helped my mood.  I loose myself to the painting and sometimes things that have been bothering come to light afterward or I even at times have solutions to things after painting.  Painting calms my mind and allows my subconscious to work on the problems facing me.

I also exercised this morning.  Shoveling snow!  It’s good exercise.  I have been depressed the last couple of days because I’ve been working more on the computer which tires me and I haven’t exercised.  On top of that my 17 year old cat is sick.  I might have to face the choice of putting him down.  He’s that old.  I spent yesterday afternoon with him in my arms watching television.  He seemed to need to be still and in my arms.  But he’s better today.  Getting around on his own.  Keep your fingers crossed!  I love that Old Man!  I call him Old Man now although his name is Echo.  He’s a black cat with one brown eye and one green eye.  A character through and through.

Keep on taking one step at a time and soon it will be one day at a time!