Art By Miriam wishes to speak about something dear to her heart – whales.  More and more whales are being entangled by fishing line found in the sea.  They die a slow death from entanglements – sometimes it takes six months for them to die.  A group of volunteers off the Bay of Fundy in Canada are working to untangle the whales and protect them.  Donate now to help them!

The group of volunteers is called the Campobello Whale Rescue Team.  The team is housed at Campobello Island in the Bay of Fundy, East coast of Canada.  This group of volunteers includes fishermen.  When navigating a boat close to a whale that is entangled, you need a fisherman’s experience.  The work is dangerous because the whale could capsize the boat easily.  They use special knives on long poles to cut the whales free.  This is complicated however with line that is lined with metal.

The group is funded by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO).

A major change in attitude among fishermen is needed.  They must stop leaving their line in the water.  There has to be new legislation put in place to protect the whales.  There is hope in Canada because Prime Minister Trudeau has dedicated some money to the protection of marine wildlife.  However it is yet to be seen what this protection will look like.

The first whale rescue in Canada was nearly 40 years ago.  The first team of rescuers were untrained to respond and some were fishermen.  In 1999 a boat and disentanglement equipment (special knives)  was bought with DFO funding.  Since it’s formation the volunteer group has disentangled dozens of whales.

It has been reported that the biggest whale killer is the entanglement of whales.  Over 83 % of right whales have scars of one entanglement and 59 % have signs of two entanglements.  Whales and dolphins have a high sensibility to pain and suffering. Whales that have been entangled often have physical problems after being entangled.  One took six months to die.

If you see a whale entangled call the Marine Animal Response Society at 1-866-567-6277.  A link to their website can be found here.  Follow this link to donate using Paypal…scroll down it’s to the right in the middle of the text.

It is even known that humpback whales protect other animals from orca whales.  A humpback has even carried a seal on its fin to steal it from orca whales that wanted to eat it.  Do they somehow know that they are doing good?  On top of that whales are biological indicators to our species- meaning that if they suffer from some harm like environmental chemicals such as mercury, their response tells us how our body will respond to the same chemical.

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