ross-hughes-162091 unsplash 500 piPhoto by Ross Hughes on Unsplash.

Miriam speaks of her healing journey.  Since I walk I am interested in a walking meditation.  Slowly I heal.

The walking meditation is by Nancy Napier (Aug 2017,  She recommends that you do this meditation when you know that you won’t be disturbed and that you wear comfortable shoes and clothes.

  1.  Think of yourself as you are walking.  Center your thoughts on yourself.
  2. Think of the soles of your feet supporting you and of your back foot supporting you as you take a step.
  3. As you take a step think of how the pressure on your leading foot changes and what happens to your back foot.
  4. Think of the change in your body as your foot shifts as you walk along.
  5. Slowly walk along thinking only of your body and the soles of your feet supporting you.
  6. Then think of your surroundings.  The birds singing, the sunshine, the wind in the trees.
  7. Then think of your breath going in and out.
  8. Then think of your thoughts and your feelings.  Watch in your mind as a thought comes up and then let it go gently as if on a river as it floats by you.  Do the same with a feeling you may have.  Let the feeling float by you.
  9. Concentrate on your breath again and try to still your mind.
  10. Concentrate on the soles of your feet and on your whole body in the motion of walking.

I am trying to walk a lot more.  It is the beginning of better health.  My mother says to walk at least for your heart so that my heart is healthier.  I went around town today looking into gym memberships which is a big step for me.

I’m sorry but last week was so stressful that now my whole routine is upset.  I will try to read my healing books today.  I am working on my warrior’s mask but have lost my acrylic paints and I have to google symbols to put on the mask.  Inca masks are beautiful so I may just use that as an example.  My mask I would use to frighten off any attacker.  So I have to design it for that.

Although today I don’t feel like I am healing, I am taking steps to be healthier and also to still my mind.  I need to be mindful to see what my mind is telling me about what and how I should be healing myself.  I have to be still.

Until next time…