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Miriam’s Art takes a little time to reflect on her successes and to heal.  Enjoy!

I have some successes to talk about and some things in the works.  I sold two pet portraits to a friend of mine.  I was so excited about that.  One of the pet portraits was a wedding gift for a friend.  I am in the process of negotiating the shipping for the sale of another painting.  I’m excited about that too!  Wow!  People are really getting interested in my art.

On a personal note I have been trying to get healthier.  I have an app the counts calories for me and another one that counts the kilometers I have walked, the time, the calories and the steps.  So I am slowly getting healthier.  I had a very sedentary life for a while.  You have to stay active.

I haven’t painted all week.  I had some major stresses that I had to work through.  I’ll get back to it next week.  I did however finish my warrior’s mask.  I am a bit embarrassed because it looks so ugly but it’s supposed to be a warrior’s mask right?  I have been working on it all week.

mask w celtic symbol for inner strength MK 500 pi

I have put the Celtic symbol for inner strength between the eyes.  Before it was all grey with just symbols and that didn’t look right.  So I used an Inca mask for inspiration.  I won’t redo it but it is ugly.

That’s all for now!  Have a wonderful long weekend!  xx  Safe travels!