white horse n blue

Art By Miriam is pleased to release her White Horse graphite drawing.  It soothed her mind to draw, shade and color this drawing.  But she was tired so she did it a bit too fast.

The blue and beige hues bring out the shading in this drawing of a majestic white horse.  The foreground is the horse itself and the background is colored grey.  The past two days have been stressful because of my anxiety.  Today I am therefore tired.  I am less anxious but tired.  I drew and shaded this horse a bit too quickly.  You can see the strokes of my pencil too much.  I may still fix it.  I went back and added value to the drawing.  It helps sometimes to just sit and look at my art for a while.  I have updated the photo.

Usually a graphite is done with just graphite pencils.  When at first someone said to color it I was frightened to spoil the drawing.  This time the colors have enhanced the shading of the white horse and look good.  I will continue to add color to my graphite drawings.

As usual, this drawing is for sale at $225 CDN framed and $125 CDN unframed.  You can also buy prints of this drawing.  Please see the 2017 Price List for prices.  Please email me at artbymiriam@outlook.com if you are interested in purchasing this drawing.  If you have a favorite horse that you would like to remember, I also draw horse portraits.  Please contact me via email.

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