Art By Miriam explains why she paints or draws, why she paints what she does and why she uses the medium that she is using.  It is all to alleviate stress and anxiety but also to share the beauty of nature that is both majestic and awe inspiring.

I paint or draw to loose myself in the act of creating art.  My mind blocks out everything else and I think of the colors, the image and the technique I am using.  It is soothing and I am calmer after I have painted.  I paint animals and wildlife because this is what I find majestic and awe inspiring.  Some animals are threatened and have a special place in my heart and others are just majestic and demand respect and awe.  The environment, especially the fragile environment of the arctic, is very important to me.  So is nature.  If I can use my art to communicate the message that the environment or an animal is in trouble then I will use it for that.  But generally I try to capture the magic of the animal or scene to make it majestic and awe inspiring for you too.  I sometimes change the medium to give me a break from what I am doing and to refresh my attitude towards art.  I do pastel painting mostly.  Then if I am rested and patient I do watercolor.  Sometimes trying out new techniques…especially watercolor washes nowadays.  Then for something completely different I will draw a graphite drawing.  This is usually a portrait or a still life.

I use images of wildlife and nature found on the internet as inspiration.  But I do not copy.  I merely use the images as a reference to help me draw or paint.  I started drawing and painting dog and cat portraits because I thought that more people would commission my work for a dog or cat portrait than for a painting of a tiger for example.  But now I draw portraits for a change…it refreshes me to change what I am doing from time to time.  Especially graphite drawings.  Graphite drawings are done with graphite pencils and sometimes colored.  So changing from pastel sticks or crayons to pencil is a relief at times.

In general my art soothes my anxious mind.  Recently I have feared that I now use my art to avoid thinking of what makes me anxious.  But that’s not true.  My art has soothed the anxiety in my mind for the last couple of years.  Now I am beginning to face what is making me anxious.  My art still smooths this process over.  It buffers me and supports me and helps me to heal.

I share my art with you in the hopes that it can show you everything that is majestic and awe inspiring in nature and the environment.  If it instills in you the same awe that I feel for the beauty in nature then I am happy.   If it instills in you the fragility and vulnerability of the environment so as to encourage you to protect the environment and nature, then I am happy.  I am passionate about nature and the environment and want to share that passion with you.  I am also passionate about art.

I am trying to figure out why I paint or draw because it’s an important step in my business.  To figure out the “why”.  I am learning and have learned that to sell art you have to start with the why, what, how and who before you can even think of selling.  That’s so that you have a clear message to tell people when you try to sell your art.  So this post is helping me to figure out the “why” of what I do.  Please bear with me…

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