lake of the cloudsMK Nature Design explains the reasons why she paints and why she posts environmental issues.

At the end of 2013 I went on disability because of stress and anxiety at work.  To reduce anxiety, to calm myself and to start the healing process I painted and drew.  All my work was about nature.  I wanted to capture the magnificence of an animal or bird on paper and share that with people hoping that it would give them as much joy as it gave me.  I now want to share the awe I feel for that magnificence with people who buy my art.  Nature landscapes give me a sense of peace and awe for the beauty of nature as well.  If I can share that peace and awe with someone who buys my art then I am happy.

Many years ago when I was at a crossroads in my life I hiked the White Mountains to recharge my tattered soul and to give me peace.  In 2014 I found the same peace painting and drawing nature.  Painting and drawing nature has once again healed my tattered soul.  I still have a long road ahead of me and the nature art is helping…if I can somehow help you find that same awe and peace with my nature art then I am happy.

In my blog I post about my art.  I hope that sharing the images of my work will help share the magnificence and peace of nature with you.  Enjoy!  Hopefully that magnificence and peace will be so well reflected in my art that you wish to purchase my art!

In addition I reblog about whales.  I think that whales are one of the most majestic creatures we have on our planet.  In addition they are mammals and biological indicators of problems with their environment that may soon become our problems as we are mammals too.  I am in awe of whales.  I wish for you a whale!

I post about environmental issues because the state of our planet is the legacy we leave to our children and grandchildren.  Please make that legacy a healthy one.  It is very important.

I also share photos of wildlife on my Facebook page MK Nature Design.  I hope to give you joy in sharing a beautiful picture and in so doing share in the awe of the magnificence of that bird or animal.

I would also like to explain that a pastel painting is done with pastels which are like a chalk of paint.  It does not involve a paintbrush but rather sticks of pastels.  However it is still called a pastel painting.  My graphite work is all drawings as graphite is a pencil.  My watercolors are all painted with watercolor paints and a paintbrush.

I have included my finished landscape of Lake of the Clouds Hut in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  This painting is not for sale but is in my private collection.  It will hang in my studio.

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