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It is World Mental Health Day.  What can I say?  Talk about your illness to someone.  And listen!  Slowly I heal.

Today was a difficult day.  Motherly advice was not taken well and another daughter doesn’t want to talk about it!  I was anxious.  Was it something I said?  Such simple problems in a relatively uncomplicated life and yet they are extremely important to me.  My children are my number one priority.  They are the meaning of my life.  As a parent one must sometimes say things that are hard to hear.  But I am more aware and brave now to say things.  And it came time for that this weekend.  I apologized to them.  I’m not sure that it was appreciated!  So it made me anxious.  Disrupted my whole day.  They mean so much to me.  What can I say.  Time will heal all disaccord.  Stay calm!  And wait.

I should have gone for a walk today but I was distracted by my thoughts for my daughters.  So I didn’t.  To calm down I watched television.  Then I decided to look into a couple of important things that I have put off.  So my time was well spent.  I almost ruined my painting this morning.  I just was too distracted.  And I couldn’t read my romance.  I was too distracted.  I read both my healing books though although I didn’t get very far.

I am to nurture my inner child.  Apparently we all have one no matter our age.  I need to show her compassion and understanding.  The suggestion to watch children was so that I remember just how innocent they are and how dependent they are on their mothers or fathers.  I was a child.  And innocent.  It was.  not.  my.  fault.  This I have to remember.

I also read about mistaken beliefs and affirmations that one can make to counter them.  An example of one mistaken belief is that I will never amount to anything.  The affirmation to counter this is that I have already amounted to a lot and am still learning.  I stay forever young as I learn things each day.  I am worthy of praise.  I have done much.

But enough.  World Mental Health Day.  One should break the silence and reach out to a friend, a family member, an associate or maybe a priest.  Talk about what is happening to you.  Don’t just say that you are fine, smile and walk away.  Be honest about your pain.  Even if it’s on an anonymous blog that you haven’t shown any of your friends yet!  Speak of your pain and be free!  And if you know of someone with mental health issues then listen closely.  Wait and ask again if they are fine.  Say really are you OK? and then wait and  LISTEN.  We are all engrossed in our every day life that we sometimes don’t realize the pain or the agony of the one saying that they are fine.  Look deeper and see the true self…see the soul of the individual.  And ask again, How are you?