Miriam’s Art is pleased to exhibit a collage of some of her big cat pastel paintings with a lesser cat, the cheetah, as well.  Listed are websites that are concerned with wildlife survival.  Enjoy!

A big cat is designated as a big cat because of it’s throat which allows it to roar except for the mountain lion.  The mountain lion is considered as a big cat because of its prowess in the hunt.  A lesser cat is a cat that cannot roar.  This year the World Wildlife Day is interested in the Big Cats.

Some websites that are concerned for big cat welfare are:

Snow Leopard Trust

World Wildlife Foundation

In all of the above sites you can adopt a big cat and care for it’s survival in a monetary way.  Some of the proceeds from adoption are used for research of the species.  The World Wildlife Foundation allows you to adopt a wide variety of animals:  big cats, whales, etc.

Another site where you can donate money is:

Mountain Lion Foundation

Your donation will allow the foundation to continue their battle against trophy hunting, support local people who are trying to protect a resident mountain lion,  contribute to the growing amount of scientific knowledge, protect pets, people and livestock, and give a voice to the mountain lion.